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>>     Thankyou Everyone Who's Supporting this Campaign !! <3 <3 <3 It is fabulous to have hit Our Goal !!!     <<
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Music for feeling our connection with Nature.
Music for feeling the Nature within. 

This campaign is a chance to launch Wonderfeel's first album. 

A meeting of cultures bringing you a deep, earthly experience.

A mission of precious sharing.....

Welcome Friends, 

this is the pledge page to help launch the first album by Wonderfeel.
Any support you can offer is Greatly Appreciated!

This is a new flavour of music ~ organic electronica.
Peet Wonderfeel is an intrepid creator who records his sounds in the real world.
Combining these natural textures and tones to form music and beats.

'Lao Dreaming' is an exploration that your ears have never experienced before.
We'd love to share this album with you ~ and to share it with the World. 

Deeply serene ambiance and wild tribal rhythms.
The flavours of 'Lao Dreaming'.

A collaboration between Laotian singers & Australian musos.

In the hills of Nothern Lao, Peet met three Akha tribes-women.
Ik'a and Isoe sung two of their traditional Akha songs.
Sitting together on a riverbank at dusk, ancient magic was shared.

In the caves of Vang Vieng, Peet's soul was touched by the divine singing of Phui Suwanh.
Phui sung poignant Laotian songs, his voice bathing in the cave's natural reverb.

All participants on the album will receive royalties from their tracks when profits are made.
Peet has already assisted Phui to pay for his children's education.

Back in Australia Peet began working to create music inspired by this journey.
Birthing unique musical styles to meet these traditional voices and honouring the landscapes of Lao.

Richie Youngberry offered some delicate mandolin parts and wild electric guitar,
Shadowsense contributed her etheric style of acoustic guitar playing.

Wonderfeel uses technology to revere Nature.

Using natural sounds, bringing realness, rawness & rhythm.
This is the opening track from the 'Lao Dreaming' album...

'Lao Dreaming' fuses feelings of the natural world with feelings of our inner nature.
Music for wholeness and connection.


  • Mastering of final two tracks                          $300
  • Top-quality CD pressing                                 $420
  • Printing recycled cardboard CD Covers       $750
  • Hiring two professional publicists               $1400
  • Posting rewards to you lovely folk!                $200

                                                  TOTAL:                 $3070

The campaign budget is set at $3070.
If we can raise this together it'll shoot the album out into the World!

UPDATE: The project will probably cost a little more than expected.
The costs of publicity were underestimated a couple of important expenses weren't included.
(There's forme-cutting the CD covers, transaction fees, and the 5% commission for Pozible)
So every bit raised is mighty helpful!

This is an All or Nothing campaign.

If we reach the target, your pledge will be received ~ THANK YOU ~ and rewards will be showered upon you!

If we don't meet the target, no money is exchanged and no goods received.

If the campaign gets OVER the target, extra funds will be used for promotion, other forgotten costs,
(see Update above) and if possible making a new music video.

A breakdown of how the funds are spent will be shared with all backers. <3

If this crowdfunder is successful we will launch the album in Sept 2017

'Lao Dreaming' is one hour of music that has taken nearly 2000 hours to produce.

Wonderfeel has released 3 shorter EP's in the past.
The response was okay, but not many people knew the music existed.
That's why we're looking to hire two professional publicists to promote the launch.


Thank-you Ik'a and Isoe ~ Akha tribal singers from Northern Lao.
Thank-you Phui Suwanh for singing traditional songs in the caves of Lao.
Thank-you Richie Youngberry for mandolin and electric guitar.
Thank-you Shadowsense for acoustic guitar and for sparking this journey.

Thank-you Dianna Tarr from Internal Art for the sublime cover art painting.

Thank-you Fai Wadham for your kind introduction to Lao culture.
Thank-you Jusso Lawless for art support.
Thank-you Regional Arts Victoria for encouragement, wisdom and support.
Thank-you Joe Briscoe for directing the dishwashing scene.
Thank-you Kathryn Williams for being the most amazing all-round support-person ever! <3

THANK-YOU Everyone who pledges for helping the chance of this music getting out there!
Thank YOU for your SUPPORT!!

Thank-You Videos:

Here are the first four thank-you videos. Enjoy! Two more are due in coming days.
For social media thank-yous that are posted on Facebook click HERE.

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AU$10 +Simple KindnessAny pledge of $10 or more is gratefully appreciated. You'll be thanked for supporting on social media. <3
6 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is June 2017
AU$18 +'Lao Dreaming' Album DownloadA download of the Lao Dreaming album. A one hour musical journey in your favourite digital format. Downloadable before the official release date. Plus a personal thank-you on social media.
17 Chosen | Unlimited AvailableEst. delivery is September 2017
AU$30 +'Lao Dreaming' CD AlbumQuality CD pressed from a glass master, held in a slick 100% recycled cardboard cover and posted anywhere. Plus a personal Thank-you on social media and a Wonderfeel sticker!
27 Chosen | 273 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2017
AU$60 +Sounds & Soul (CD and Oracle Cards)You'll get the 'Lao Dreaming' CD. And also receive Wonderfeel's 'Chiasma Cards' - a compact oracle card set designed to voice your subconscious wisdom. With a personal thanks on faceybook. Free post in Australia. Please add $10 post if overseas.
1 Chosen | 14 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2017
AU$75 +A Wonderfeel Video Greeting CardA cool little video message created by Wonderfeel in honour of any occasion you choose e.g. Birthday. Sent to your inbox. With 'Lao Dreaming' as either a CD or Download. Plus a Thank-you on social media.
2 Chosen | 8 AvailableEst. delivery is October 2017
AU$85 +Digital Insider - Organic Audio Sample CollectionA collection of 30 primo musical, percussive and sound samples, elements from within the 'Lao Dreaming' album. With rights to use them in your own creations. Plus a download of 'Lao Dreaming'. And the Wonderfeel symbolic type font. With a thank-you on social media. (can be gifted)
3 Chosen | 7 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2017
AU$220 +Super Wompa Wonderfeel Pack!This is the works! You will receive the 'Lao Dreaming' CD and download. A specially made super-colourful Wonderfeel tealight candle-holder. Wonderfeel's runic symbols as a writing font. A Wonderfeel Healing session - or - a Wonderfeel Card reading (up to 90 mins, either east side of Melbourne or on Skype.) Plus you receive the Chiasma Cards oracle, the very rare original Wonderfeel Card Set from 1995, and Wonderfeel stickers. Plus a personal video Thank-you posted up on social media. <3
5 Chosen | 3 AvailableEst. delivery is September 2017
AU$750 +Immersive Wonderfeel Experience Comes to You!A deep tribal funk experience happening in your own backyard! Peet Wonderfeel arrives at your place to deliver a Wonderfeel live set. Optional group facilitation on a theme that appeals to you (e.g. Winter Solstice). You can sell tickets to help with the cost. This package is for Victoria, Australia and includes a small sound system and lights. (If you live somewhere else please feel free to contact us for a price that factors in travel.) Includes the Super Wompa Wonderfeel Pack.
1 Chosen | 4 AvailableEst. delivery is June 2018